Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I don't Like Leg Troubles

Just like I said it, I don't like leg problems in horses. Hard to detect, difficult sometimes to recover from. About 3 weeks ago maybe now 4 weeks I have noticed Roany constantly resting on his hind leg. When he trotted off you could tell he was off on his steps. Looked like he was just dragging his leg a bit. I waited a bit and then we went to see the vet. He couldnt see anything and when you palpated him he didnt budge or flinch. I did notice that he had a small puffiness on his fetlock (ankle) seemed bigger than on the other foot. I told him about it and he (vet) seemed to see a tiny bit of swelling. So we decided to do a week of therapy I guess you would call it. We did a sweat wrap for 12 hours and then off for the night with a hosing down. Plus butte twice a day. By the end of week no change. Well I dont know what it could be. I was thinking windpuffs, windgals or a sprain of some sort but I just dont know. I guess here soon I need to take some slides of it. I just hope it gets better. Decided to stay off of him completely and have him stay in a smaller pasture (with his babysitter of course) for about 2 months at least and see if it changes. I'll tell you..it sure doesnt stop him from doing what he wants. He can still run and kick and buck and chase his friend if he needs to but as soon as he stops he instantly rests that foot. That is what has been going on for us this past month. I'll tell you this, I have been giving him fat supplement oil with his grain and he has gotten so shiney this summer. I think.