Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well many things have happened within the last 6 months. Roany as you know is still lame and seems like he wont recover. Also got kicked and now front leg seems very sore. Lame in front also maybe!!!! Sad, sad, sad!!!! Great horse gone to waste seems like. Husband says take him to the sale in December! :( boo !!!!
Also Frida our female border collie mix killed cats, cats, cats from all over our area including my sisters cat! Dog had to go to doggie heaven. Just cant have a dog that kills cats, chickens, sheep and etc. So sad about that too. Sweet dog but a true killer!!!

Stella arrived which was a relieve! Just getting used to the new schedule! Ugh!!!! Ready to start riding again just need a new horse!! In the market and hope I will find one soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stella Victoria Rand

Well it has been forever since I have blogged about anything! I have been a little busy with pregnancy, which was very hard this time. In September I was put on a 3 week bed rest due to baby wanting to come too early. I was due November 1st so that put it way to early. I was then released from bed rest. I did allot of walking around. Went to the fabulous Art in the Park here in Artesia and walked forever. I would of thought I would of had her then. No! That was on October 17th. The weekend came, no baby. Monday at 2 am thought it was time. False alarm!! :( So Monday went to several shops but felt really bad. Monday at 7 pm decided it was time. And it was!!!! OMG!!!! Thought I was gonna die. Got to hospital, took them over an hour to get the pain meds!!!! But finally I did and it was all much better from then on!!! Stella arrived on October 20th at 1:03 am!!!! Her name was decided if she was born on an even name her name would be Stella, odd day Emma. Well, it came very close to Emma as you can see!! I was rooting for Stella!! Yeah. Stella is an old name from the family.