Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mystry has been difined!

Okay I know, it has been a super long time since I have blogged anything. SORRY! :( Please don't write me off!! :)

I have just been busy being pregnant, taking care of Gracie and my crippled horse!! I went to a vet in Roswell, NM and we did another lame examination. The one here in town just didn't work for us so I needed another opinion. Well he said (the vet in Roswell) that my horse has a bowed tendon in the lower fetlock and probably a stifle injury also. Two things going against him. Well he said first of all we need to get some padded shoes on his hind legs. At least 1/8" to relieve the pressure on his heels. Then we go back to the vet and put on a very tight wrap for about 2 weeks. Then we do a cold hydrotherapy along with a DSMO mix rub for about 2 weeks or longer not sure yet. Complete rest for 6-9 months. I am sure glad I have the time since I am pregnant and cant really ride. Poor Roany. He doesn't act like it really bothers him too much but hopefully we can get it better. Dr. did say he is know more prone do re-injure it again. :( If that is the case we might ought to consider selling him but I don't think I could. If anything, he will be a good horse for my kids to play with. He has had a hard riding career so as the guy we bought him from said "Its about time he wore down". He was used a ranch horse for all of his life and he was rode hard and long. He is a good horse and knows how to do a days work. The guy that trained him said once they had to lope him at least 6 miles before he wore down for them. He said he just let him run as long as he wanted to and it was along time. This was when he was real young. Even to this day he wants to go fast everywhere. He is only 15 years old so he still have a ton of energy left but this injury is going to slow him down a bit I'm afraid.

We recently got a horse from my dad named Skippy and he is there only to babysit my horse. He is such a sweetie and just about anyone can ride. He is a little spoiled as he can be a big push over. No manners sometimes. Skippy seems to keep my horse at ease and happy since I sold his pasture buddy of many years (Max).