Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pale Rider

Another favorite by http://www.ellepace.com/ I have always wanted a gray horse, specifically a dapple gray like the one Clint Eastwood rode in Pale Rider. The horses name was Preacher! Waiting for that gray horse that I can name Preacher! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Playing in the Graveyard

The other day I went out a wanted to take an interesting picture of the railroad. I did that but then my mother said over here is where I used to play in the graveyard when I was a kid along with her five siblings. We went over to take the picture which is now on someone's proberty but, if you have a graveyard on your land you cannot remove it! Well I took this picture and it turned out great. I ended up making it sepia and framing it with barn wood. Looks cool. Well I framed both with barn wood and did sepia. I love taking pics of intersting things. Sometimes they can be of non-interesting things and turn out really neat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Texas Contemporary Artist

I love this painting of a Palomino horse with his big white blaze! This would go great in my dark blue dining room. I'm not sure how to add her link to this so stay with me, I'll figure it out. http://www.ellepace.com/ (Here it is!!!:) She has wonderful paintings of horses and livestock and much more. I especially like the horses. I so want this pictures but last weekend I finally found a picture to go in that room at Tangle-Y in Hondo, Ruidoso. Ever been there? Cool place! Hi logo is You Describe it, I will Build It!! Joe Switzer. He has cabinets, furniture, fixtures, home decor. Very rustic!! Cowhides everywhere. My kinda place. tanle_y_wwod_n_art@yahoo.com

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Banner Rocks!!

I am so amazed what people can do these days. Found http://www.pixelcafe.etsy.com/ and she was able to create what you see above! Also it is on my new store on http://www.backattheranch.etsy.com/ I have just recently signed up and have yet to get photos uploaded. I am a dufus when it comes to computers but I will give it a try. I was so thankful for Pixelcafe to help me out! Way to go. She makes buisness cards also.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bordor Collie Trouble

Frida, one of our border collies, has gotten into some trouble it seems. As you can see by the picture she looks like a sweet and innocent dog. Well, last night she wondered off as she usually does on one of her many adventures. It seems she ran into a polecat (skunk). She must have had a pretty good fight with the skunk. She came home with a terrible bloody nose and of course stunk to high heaven. My daughter, Gracie, said "lets give her back".... she was so upset that she stunk that bad so she had decided that she should go back to her old home. lol! I guess she will be getting a bath in tomato juice! :)

Latest Jewelry Bling!

Here are a few pieces of my work. I love to use natural stones and western conchos which are usually always in my pieces. Swarvoski Crystals are one of my favorite sparkles for a piece.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, here is Max!! This is Roany's siamese twin as my shoer would say. They cant be apart for more than a second it seems. This creats problems when we want to ride apart from each other! :( Max is my 9 year old gelding that I raised and trained. He is out of California Hotspot!

Horsen' Around!
Roany is just waiting to take his daily bath!
He actually couldn't figure out how to get back out until his friend Max came up for a try. He then quickly jumped backwards and got out.