Monday, February 16, 2009

Chiropractor was a GOOD THING

Well the trip to the Chiropractor went very well. We took a trip to Andrew Texas and met a guy at his place where that morning he had already done 3 horses before me. Very nice man. Found that Max had 3 vertebrae out in his back. Took about 30 minutes to get them in and for them to stay in place. We came home and I rode him about 3 days after and amazing enough he didn't have his problem anymore. His gait was smooth, his hind end didn't cross-fire or fall out from him. Just smooth sailing. Well not completely!! His front left knee most of got knocked and is a little swollen and he is favoring it!! :( Its one thing to another for us! Well I am rubbing liniment on him 2 - 3 times a day and hopefully that will help! See he knows I am trying to sell him. Seems to always happen when you don't need it! He does feel allot better since the Chiropractor visit! Will hopefully take him back soon!


Pony Girl said...

Good news about the chiro work. I think it can help horses immensely. Bummer about the knee! He sure is a pretty boy! ;)

Desert Rose said...

Both of my horses had chiro and it helped them too! Glad he's feeling better.

Paint Girl said...

My Paint mare also had Chiro work done a couple years ago, she was starting to react turning to the left so my trainer suggested Chiro work. She was out in her neck and a few places in her back/stifle area. She quit reacting going to the left after her appt. Horses go out in places just like us humans do!
I love your Paint! I am partial to black and whites, could it be cuz I have a black and white? Hee.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful horse; I hope he gets better.

Heather said...

Is your dog chasing him? LOL

He's such a pretty paint. I'm glad the Chiro worked out for you.

backattheranch said...

Paint Girl, it helped my horse allot and I need to take him again soon! Waiting for knee to feel better! He just doesnt want me to sale him!! :)

Heather, Yes my dogs are chasing!! But my horses asked for it when they chased the dogs!! lol Made for a funny pic.

ezra_pandora said...

Hi there! thanks for visiting my blog, I love your paint too!!

I had a chiro experience back in November (I did a post about it)and it does make a difference. Some people (my barn owner) don't believe in "quack medicine" but, I see a difference in both of our mares. The older one doesn't have so much trouble when she's getting her feet done.

(I'm not a horse expert by any measure, but) They do say that you shouldn't have the chiro done too frequently as their bodies start depending on it and they start going out easier. Or something to that extent. My human chiro said the same thing. The equine chiro said twice a year is usually good unless there are really serious issues going on or something happens. I know you want to get it done again since it made such a difference, I did too!!

And that sucks about the knee. My mare is soooo injury prone. I always want to put her in a bubble. lol

The Prairie House Primitives said...

My little mare had acupuncture done and it did WONDERS!!!! I am glad the chiro helped your guy!!!