Monday, January 19, 2009

To Hackamore or Not to Hackamore

Ok, I finally went to town and spent some of my Christmas, Birthday money on a new hackamore for my horse. I got this idea that I wanted to start riding my horse bitless. I started riding him in just a halter and he loved it and it was fine so, I thought I would look into a real simple hackamore for him. So I got it home today, tried it one him, but would like some advice of the fitting. What do you think? (I think it looks pretty good)

I left the tags on just in case I need to return it! lol We tried it a little today and when I pulled back a little he did seem to jerk his head up. Is it just cause you think he isn't used to the pressure on his nose and under curb? The curb chain is not tight but not so loose. You can get 1 finger in there. Too tight? Too loose?

Gracie and Roany say hello. Gracie is so excited that she got to ride by herself today. Well while someone led her around.


Heather said...

I myself am not a fan of hackamores but I'm really inexperienced and I feel the bit gives me a little more control. I know if I was putting more time in the saddle I would feel different.

I thought you knew I lived close! That's why I was asking you about the goats because you're close, well 36 miles, but closer than say Odessa!

Plus I commented on you Facebook status before I read your blog. LOL I thought maybe your were fighting with your hubby and went to Roswell and spent all his money!

Sarah said...

It's been a few years - but it seems to be riding a bit high -maybe a bit too small?? I love a hackamore on a horse who is easy to manage!! Maybe a more current rider could weigh in here!

Pony Girl said...

My mom's gelding was ridden in a mechanical hackamore when she purchased him, but the two different trainers she took lessons under since then weren't hackamore fans and he has since been converted to a snaffle and is doing well.
I used hackamores on one of my ponies when I was a kid. I read (when my mom got her gelding) up on hackamores again and apparently they are not as "gentle" as one thinks. I would suggest doing some more research on the proper fit. I do think they are good options for horses that have problems with bits, for whatever reason, but are still considered to be capable of being harsh, even if there is no bit in the mouth.
I love the headstall, by the way! :) Nice details. My sister has one similar.

Tracey said...

As Pony Girl mentions, mechanical hackamores can be pretty harsh...but a lot depends on your hands. Any tool in the wrong hands can be a bad thing, but in a light hand should work fine. The head tossing could be he just isn't liking the pressure points.

What was your reason for wanting to go bitless? Is he going well in a snaffle/curb?

There's always the sidepull type bridle if you want to go that way, but a lot of folks ride in rope halters.

Melissa said...

I personally prefer a sidepull to a hackamore, just because my horse seems to stretch down into more like a snaffle, instead of tossing her head up from it, as lots of horses seem to do in hackamores. . .

Tree said...

Whew, I feel lost with all this horse-talk, it's like a foreign language to me.
Fun to read though.