Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skippy Jon Jones

Well since I have sold Max, Roany has been so lonely and has gotten to be buddies with two of my dads horses that was in the next pasture. Well, every time they went to the lower pasture, Roany couldn't see them and would get so upset and nervous. He constantly ran up and down the lane, pawing the ground very hard. Just really over doing it and then would be sore the next day. Real Sore!!! I decided to take one of my dads horse and use him as Roany's babysitter. Works great. They get along well together and Roany is actually the boss so makes Roany feel better.

I noticed the other day on Roany when I pulled him out for my daughter to ride that he was favoring his hind leg. Resting it constant and when I had him trot I could tell he was off on the right hind leg. Looks more like his hip or something but I really don't know. What could that be? The last time I rode him which was maybe a week and half he was fine but I did ride him in some rough rocks. I loped him actually. That might of done it. Cant tell anything from looking at the legs. If he doesn't get better in the next few weeks I may take him to the Chiropractor. What do you think?

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